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ROMANCE candle


Let the sweet and tangy notes of our Romance candle sweep you off your feet. The rich, succulent scent of ripe plums mingles with the tart freshness of rhubarb, creating an intoxicating blend that ignites passion and warmth. Light this candle to set the mood for intimate evenings filled with love and enchantment.

Net candle weight, 220g

Vegan wax 

Reusable teacup 

Candles safety tips

  • make sure that candles are placed in a fire-resistant candle holder
  • keep candles away from furniture and curtains
  • leave at least 10cm between burning candles and tea lights
  • put out candles before leaving the room and before you go to bed
  • use a snuffer or spoon to put out candles
  • keep candles, matches and lighters away from children and pets.