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Our Story

The Perfume Laboratory store in Bridnorth
It was first launched in September 2019 in Bridgnorth when two friends were chatting over lunch discussing their favourite scents and what they liked and disliked about the brands currently available in the market. 

Realising there was a gap in the market for Vegan Eau De Parfum that was also environmentally conscious, we launched our first collection of luxury fragrances. With 50 bespoke scents in its product range, each perfume is hand crafted with vegan oils. Each of our fragrances are inspired by signature scents with an everlasting twist.

In 2020 we expanded our line of vegan and eco-friendly products with our BODY and HOME collections. From luxury bath bombs and sea salts to home diffusers and candles, our aromas are sure to awaken your senses.

Our range of hand soaps and lotions are packaged in glass bottles to support a more sustainable practice. Customers are encouraged to bring back their empty containers to redeem special discounts on future purchases.

You can purchase all our products by visiting us in our store or shopping online.


The Perfume Laboratory supports the IFRA UK in its recommendations concerning animal welfare.  It is our policy not to use any ingredients that are of animal origin. All the ingredients we use in our products have been chosen meticulous to ensure that they have not been tested on animals. 

Our products are formulated using a combination of natural (vegetable origin), nature identical and synthetic raw materials.


The Perfume Laboratory aims to do things a little differently.

We are mindfully considering ways that we can protect our environment and not use the earth’s resources on wasteful packaging.We hope you love and appreciate our simplistic approach to our packaging and the one less trip you’ll be making to the card-recycling bin. We will continue to strive towards a more eco-conscious business model.