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Hello from Me!

Written by Gemma Ward


Posted on July 09 2020

A big welcome to The Perfume Laboratory's blog section. 

I'm Gemma and I look after the marketing and PR for the store. I'm a mum of two who loves everything beauty and home related. Having two children and being in the industry a long time, I am very conscious about the products I use on my family's skin and around the home.  I try where possible to reduce any nasties that we consume and always ensure everything I buy is cruelty free. 

I'm candle obsessed to the point where I actually stock pile to ensure I never run out! For me, there is nothing nicer than that warming smell of your favourite scent wafting around the house. I have a diffuser in each bathroom and love nothing more after a manic day of working and mummying than running a hot bath, glass of wine and a bath bomb. 

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Gemma xxx